An Excerpt from the Book

It Has Alway Been Thus

By Rosalee Sirgany
©2000 Rosalee Sirgany

Author’s Preface

This book was compiled over many years.  It was begun in 1993, when I received the first five chapters.  At that time, I was told that this book was not to be completed until after my first book, THE DANCE OF INNER PEACE: A Journey Into the Spiritual Realm was published.

It was not until 1996 that I got the beginning of another chapter, and then, nothing more. No more work was done on this book, until The Dance Of Inner Peace was off the press.

Three days later, (and two days after the first copies of  Dance were in the stores), work resumed on the book you are holding in your hands. Enjoy it, dear friends.  It is brought to you in love, with much joy and gratitude.

Love and Light, 
Rosalee Sirgany
February, 2000


Chapter 1: In The Beginning
Chapter 2: Love
Chapter 3: A Healing Prayer
Chapter 4: Attitudinal Changes and the Collective Consciousness
Chapter 5: Divine Right Action & Your Destiny
Chapter 6: The Life Purpose or Mission
Chapter 7: Manifestation
Chapter 8: The Vitality of One’s Own Being
Chapter 9: The Meaning of Success
Chapter 10: Loving Relationships
Chapter 11: We Are All One
Chapter 12: Vibrational Frequencies & Your Earth

Chapter 1:

In the Beginning

It was the evening of August 18, 1993 , and I found myself at the bookstore. I had been experiencing some confusion in my personal life and, as a result, had also been avoiding channeling.  Channeling - my ability to communicate with spirit - mainly my guardian angels, who I refer to as guides, and other people's guides as well, came quite spontaneously and naturally to me and without any forethought.

Now I was experiencing some confusion and was trying to quiet myself and make sense of recent events.

I picked up a book, Opening to Channel, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and opened randomly to somewhere in the middle, which was discussing calling on higher level guides. The book said each and every one of us could even call on Masters like Jesus Christ or Buddha at any time.

I came home and while getting ready for bed, thought to myself,  "I really need a very high level guide to help me understand all the things that are happening in my life right now, to help clear up my confusion. I think I need Jesus. Yes. If I could, I'd call on Jesus to help guide me now."

Within a couple of minutes, I heard a new voice, and he was saying, "Rosalee, I am the Christ, the one you call Jesus of Nazareth. I am here to help you understand about the events that have transpired."

To which I thought, "Oh, Jesus. Sure Rosalee, your imagination is running away with you. I don't believe any of this." 

And again I heard, "I am Christ, the one you know of as Jesus of Nazareth, and I am here to help you as you have requested. I have been with you many times.  At times you have called on me before, but you were not aware that I heard you. I am here now because you have called again and you need my help to understand and sort out the problems you have faced recently in your life. I am Jesus Christ, the one many call Jesus of Nazareth." 

At this point I thought of what someone had told me almost a year ago, that Jesus had reincarnated and was watching over the earth while circling it in a spaceship, and again the voice came.

"No, I am not circling the earth in a spaceship as some have said to you. In Sedona you heard this but it is not so. Nashem Aqim is circling the earth in a spaceship, a spiritual man who bears a likeness to my images as they have appeared in your world and your religion."

At this point I remember thinking to myself that I must be losing my sanity.  I went to bed.

The next afternoon I sat to meditate quietly. When I felt quiet enough and ready, I asked for the highest guide who I was able to contact, to come through and speak to me.  I heard the now familiar voice again, telling me to write, so I took out my journal and began writing.

8/19/93 Thursday afternoon.

I am in my room and Jesus is here to speak with me. 

"It is a time of knowing for you, and a time to share knowledge with you so you may achieve your life's purpose of sharing knowledge with many. I am pleased you 

understand and hear so well, my dear Rosalee. I am very pleased. It is easy to work with you when you are this open. I am Christ, the one they have referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, who was born in Bethlehem , and who, they said, died on a cross. It was not all as they said in the Bible, and this I will explain to you. For now, suffice it to say, I am the Christ you know of in your religion and the one you have called upon many times for help and advice. I am here with you now, as I have said, to share knowledge.  You will, in turn, pass along this knowledge and share it with many."

My face and neck suddenly became tingly and itchy, and as I was distracted by this, I received an explanation. 

"Your entire face and neck are tingly and itchy because of the raising of your vibrations to more equally match with mine so I may speak to you. This sensation will pass if you just allow it for a very few minutes. I will wait for you a moment."

I put down my pen and began rubbing my face. About a minute later, my face felt better and I again picked up the pen. Then I noticed in the mirror, my face was all red - cheeks, forehead - all slightly flushed, and again I heard Jesus.

"It is from the energies I have just explained. Do not be alarmed. Be patient and this too shall pass, as your friend often reminds you.

"I am pleased that you have allowed yourself to be open to me, although you are skeptical after your confusion with one of your guides. That is all I will say about this for now, as this is more personal and I have other things to discuss with you at the moment, while you are writing dictation for me.

"I know you understand much and I am here to help you disseminate information to many. Do not worry. Your fate will not be as mine was for sharing such knowledge. You are living in a new age of enlightenment, as your guides have explained, and this will be a very good life for you.

 "Now you know some things already but let me explain for those who will be our readers.  

"I am coming to you not only because you have asked me for guidance, but also because you are the right person for the task at hand. It is a big and important job, this dissemination of spiritual information and knowledge, and I want and need a writer who is not only dedicated but also extremely capable as well. 

"Your background as a newspaper writer and editor qualifies you greatly. Your style, as it had to be when you were writing for newspapers, is plain and simple, very straightforward. Your approach is to get your message across in a simple and creatively interesting manner. Your creativity, however, has never been used to change the context or intent of your subject matter and this is also admirable, a very desirable quality.  

"Basically you and your writing have the honesty and integrity along with easy readability that I feel is so important in this new age of computer technology and ten-letter words. You don't write fluff. You write what's real in a concise manner that makes it interesting to the reader.

"I have chosen you because of this, because you have been a philosopher before in another life, and because you have made your life's purpose in this life to share this spiritual knowledge with many.

"Now we can begin our work but I think you are tired, so rest a moment." 

Continued the following day, 8/20/93

"It is this that I want to tell you now.  I am here because your people are in dire need, and deep remorse and regret, and a sense of disability have set in. I am here to rewrite the Book of Miracles in a format that will be more easily understood. The Book has been written many ways and times and in many languages. 

"I will impart similar knowledge and information as some of the other books, but in a manner, a format, more conducive to the world in which you now live. I am here to teach, as you are, and so we have connected in this realm of reality or thought consciousness. I am the light, one with the universe and All That Is, and you can trust what I tell you as having come from the light.

"I tell you this again because of your recent confusion with a guide of yours and I want you to know we are one with the light and our work here is to share the light and the knowledge with many.  

 "May we begin again, as I have been sidetracked with these explanations that are important to rest your mind from any worry, that I may speak freely, and you may not have to second guess me or my intentions. I am in the light and one with the light. I am here to teach you and others. 

"Please write down what I say in its entirety. I will wait for you to catch up if I go ahead or start talking too quickly. Please let me know if this is the case and I will slow down.” 

(Everything that follows is a direct quotation; therefore quotation marks have been excluded for ease.)

I am here to teach the most important principle of all. That God is light and we are all part of that same God-light. It is a simple enough statement but one which holds many ramifications.  If we are in the light, then why do we see such darkness in some others with whom we are often in contact? Why are they also not walking in the light and one with the light also?

We who are aware of the light energies have grappled with understanding this for many, many years. I understand it is one of the most difficult things for you to understand, and I want to address this first.

To create the light, darkness must be present, for without the darkness how would one see and find the light? It is a puzzle indeed, and one that can be explained thusly. I am one with the light and so are you and many in your circle of friends.  However, there are some that each of you know who are not in the light and I am here to tell you that it is not good but it is needed, a necessary evil in the understanding of what makes the world as it is. 

In the beginning light was everywhere, an all-connected ball of light that encompassed the God energy. All energy was one, but there was a need to explore and experience new things.  It was a desire more so than a need, and these energies desiring such experiences broke off little bits of the light and traveled to earth and other far-reaching planets. It is what I call the beginning of the populated world. 

As the light energies or entities broke away from the whole, they were still an integral part of that whole from which they had come. I am going back now to the very beginning of time and wonder if you will travel with me on a journey.

Let us pretend that we are all light energies living and existing within the one Great Light, the God Energy. We are growing restless and bored being just bathed in light and love for although it feels good and warm and loving and safe, we have a desire to experience something more, a life we are not sure what, or how it is to be accomplished at this point, but we know that we want to experience more. 'This will help us to gain knowledge and understanding,' we think to ourselves.

And so we break away as little bits of light energy and float out into the cosmos in search of experience that will bring greater knowledge and understanding.

I am one of those lights and you are one of those lights and everyone we see in flesh and those we may or may not see who are in spirit, are each and everyone - another light, broken off from the whole in search of greater knowledge and understanding. It is a wisdom gained from experiencing nature and all that is around us in the universe.

I am writing this and telling this story so that you will know and understand the origin of man in the universe.

I am trying to bring the teaching down to a level that will be easily understood by all. This is my goal and the purpose for the book that will come out of the many thoughts and teachings that will be collected here by you, Rosalee, and faithfully written down as I transmit thoughts to you.

I am the Christ, the one you call Jesus of Nazareth. I have been called by many names - the Prince of Peace, Light of the World, King of the Jews and Savior of Mankind, among others. I am with you now, as I have said to tell a story of mankind to mankind in a way that will be more easily understood and fully comprehended than ever before. 

I have written many books in many languages and with the help of many people, who have for the most part been a little bit skeptical, like yourself, at first. In many of the other books, as I have said, the lessons are mired in a complicated language that is not always easy to understand.

I will tell my message clearly and concisely with your help this time, as it is your way of writing. I will transmit thought forms that you will receive and write in a very straightforward, uncomplicated manner. It is a good message and shared this way, it shall be read by many more than has been reached by the other books. 

I will continue the story now.

As beings of light, which each life form is and was, traveled away from the center of light and love, the God Center, if you will, light energy moved toward the earth and other planets seeking ways of expressing love and experiencing joy, sorrow and even pain in order to gain a greater understanding of the mystery of the universe and All That Is. All That Is being a metaphor for the God source in everything that is around us, both seen and unseen.

This search for this greater understanding is why we, as light entities, broke away from the huge ball of light, the Love, the God source, and traveled great distances to reach planets where life can be experienced in physical state. 

There are beings who live in other dimensions around you who do not experience the physical state as you do, but who have nevertheless come into their dimensions in order to experience life from another perspective, so to speak.

They are the ones referred to as spirit in your world and they have come to teach and to learn for it is in teaching, and through teaching that we learn and grow the most.

The time has come for the news to be shared with all men and women in a clear and concise manner. This is why I have asked you to help, Rosalee. This is your forte, to convey a message in a clear and concise manner while keeping the subject matter interesting to your readers.

I am beginning a new chapter in the book to be written from the heart, about the heart, on love. It will be simply entitled, Love.

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