There are currently two books by Rosalee Sirgany which are available. A brief description of each follows along with links to the Preface, Table of Contents, and Chapter One. Enjoy!

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"Glimpses Into The Spiritual Realm"

Rosalee Sirgany takes the reader into the world of Spirit Guides and Masters, and Dreamtime meetings where she rekindles her spiritual heritage as a Native American woman of much wisdom and knowledge. Experience all of the fascinating adventure, excitement and apprehension of her journey as you read "The Dance of Inner Peace: A Journey Into the Spiritual Realm." It is a journey of awakening and a great inspiration for all those who wish to unlock the keys to knowledge hidden deep within.

When former newspaper reporter and editor, Rosalee Sirgany, began her journey into the spiritual realm, she was surprised and amazed to open to a world of telepathic communication with her guides. When she began opening to communication from Jesus of Nazareth, she suddenly found herself in the position of a writer “unable to find words to express what I was feeling.”

Now in this extraordinary book, “It Has Always Been Thus,” Jesus’ own words are brought to us through this author and channel. Jesus conveys his powerful message of universal truths and clarifies the teachings he came to convey and which have been in large part misunderstood for 2,000 years. Topics include Healing, Relationships, Manifestation, Success, Collective Consciousness, Life Purpose and more.

“It Has Always Been Thus” is truly a masterful work and a must read for all dedicated seekers of spiritual enlightenment.  

Forthcoming Books:

A Collection of Aphorisms and Insights 

This book provides understanding on various levels on a myriad of subjects, including friendship, love, life and death, understanding of our oneness with All That Is, finding our balance in our daily lives and much more.
ISBN: 0-9673597-7-5

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