Personal Consultations

Rosalee Sirgany has been named “Golden Eagle With a Torch on Its Wings,” signifying the vision and light she is here to share. Her work utilizes multicultural ancient spiritual arts. She offers private consultations, which may be held in person or over the telephone.

Rosalee brings you the opportunity to communicate with your guides and the Masters through Channeling. Through love-filled insight, you can learn how to dramatically improve your relationships with friends and loved ones, find the career path that will bring you success and happiness, clarify your life’s purpose and more. Hear the messages and feel the changes that these can bring about in your life. Truly an enlightening experience!

Through Spiritual/Shamanic Healing, Rosalee transcends ordinary reality in order to transfer universal light energy to clear the aura, balance and align all chakras and initiate your body’s own healing response. Enjoy peacefulness and a sense of well being as you experience the universal healing energies.

Rosalee also offers Home Staging with Energy Clearing which is a great way to prepare your home for comfortable and successful living, or to help facilitate a quicker sale.

To schedule a consultation with Rosalee Sirgany or for more information please call 575-534-4727

Seminars and Workshops
With an international reputation for excellence, Rosalee continues to amaze people with the accuracy of her insights and her ability to transform lives.

She offers seminars and workshops on various topics including Spiritual/Shamanic Healing, Opening to Your Intuitive Abilities, Learning from Nature, Creating Balance in Your Life, and others.

In an effort to reach out to those who wish to open to the power of spirit within, Rosalee will schedule these seminars in your community with your groups. These can be one, two, or three-day events and would generally include a group channeling session, and may also include a healing demonstration. 

You may also arrange for Rosalee to be a Motivational Speaker for your organization or convention.

To schedule a consultation with Rosalee Sirgany or for more information please call 575-534-4727

Group Channeling Sessions with the Masters

Rosalee Sirgany offers Group Channeling Sessions for your group in your community. These have been called “Evenings with the Ascended Masters.” The Masters determine which entity comes through depending on the energy of those who have gathered or the topic to be discussed.  These are scheduled according to your requests.

“Evenings” in the past have included love-filled discourses from Jesus of Nazareth (Sananda), White Buffalo Calf Woman, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, and  Kryon. The information is always given in a beautifully gentle and loving manner.

Rosalee channels these and many other Masters as well, so your energy or the questions or topic for the evening will be the deciding factor.

You may call 575-534-4727 to schedule 
“An Evening with the Masters” or to request more information. 

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