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The following are independent testimonials from clients of Rosalee Sirgany and are reproduced with permission.

I first spoke with Rosalee after reading her first book "The Dance of Inner Peace." I wrote her a letter, and she responded right away. I then met her for a group channeling when she was in Atlanta for her book talk. She blew me away, and changed my life. Since then, I have come to her for a private session, which again was life altering and amazing. I have also read, re-read and read some more her next book "It Has Always Been Thus" and have quoted it in weddings, and use it like a bible. Her work, her presence, her passion, and her abilities have truly changed my life. I cannot speak any higher about this woman. Please read her books!

With love and gratitude,
Emily A. Smith, PhD

Dear Rosalee,

Our son Jaron was diagnosed with Autism just shy of his second birthday. While challenging times lay ahead, we just knew somehow that this was not the end, that it was not going to be a life sentence. We began what would turn into over a year of intense therapy (speech, physical, etc) & biomedical treatments. He had made some progress, but had so far to go. Yet we clung to our belief that somehow, something or someone could fix this. And our prayers were answered when you came into our life. We’ll never forget the excited phone call we got from my aunt telling us that you had seen our son’s photo in her home, and were immediately able to see in his aura that he was not “autistic”, but was suffering from an energy leak in his crown chakra due to birth trauma. (He was in fact born with a large contusion on his crown!) We called you immediately to setup a healing session, even though we had never taken part in anything of the kind before. My aunt (bless her) had insisted that “Rosalee is the real deal, and can help Jaron”.

After a year of fighting state bureacracy and the HMO establishment to get any kind of progressive treatment, we were up for anything that could potentially help our son. When the time came for the over-the-phone healing, our son was busily running around in the other room playing with some toys. As you and Spirit began the healing, Jaron suddenly stopped what he was doing and sat down quietly on the floor with the strangest look on his face. (At this point in time he never, ever sat still unless he was passed out from exhaustion.)

Several minutes passed, and still he didn’t move but just sat, calm and peaceful. After the healing was done and you announced that his chakras were balanced and repaired, he got up and began to go play again…but suddenly stopped, ran over to us, hugged us and said “Thank-oo mommy, daddy.” Somehow he knew something had transpired, even though it could only have appeared to him that we were having a regular phone conversation with you.

From that moment on, he was a different child. He immediately began sleeping better, eating better and speaking better. His vocabulary skyrocketed as did his sociability and interest in things around him. These days you would never know he had ever been diagnosed with autism – he’s a normal, bright, happy four-year-old kid who will one day be attending a regular kindergarten class!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Rosalee, for saving our son and giving us back our future. What you’ve done for us is nothing short of incredible – it’s our own personal miracle. Not only because our son was healed, but because in doing so you threw open the doors of the universe for us to reveal All That Is. Through your amazing books, your work with our son, and our own channeling sessions with you, we’ve been awakened. We’ll never be the same, and wouldn’t want it any other way. We are forever honored to call you our friend.

Lots of Love,

Orlando, FL

"My first session with Rosalee was absolutely mind altering. She knew answers to questions I had not even spoken aloud. She answered questions that weighed heavy on my heart, before I was even able to articulate them. At the end of our session I felt a load had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt clear about my purpose in life.

I have since done several chakra balancing/aura healing sessions with Rosalee and there effects of working with her are phenomenal. Rosalee truly has a divine gift, there is no other explanation for what she is able to do. There are many out there who claim to have the abilities she has, but her abilities far surpass anything I have ever encountered. Rosalee's abilities are miraculous and can only be explained as gifts from the Spirit. Her humility and grace are testimony to her authenticity, and her wisdom and insight is pure. She cares deeply about her clients and communicates with love and with your well-being at heart.

After working with Rosalee, not only do I feel more sure about why am I here, but I feel closer to Spirit through my connection with her. My ability to connect to the divine in my everyday life has greatly intensified and I feel Spirit working through her to pass on messages to me that I may not have paid close enough attention to. I feel lucky to have found her."

New York & Jamaica

It Has Always Been Thus is so straightforward and packed with wonderful spiritual understanding about concerns in my life… It really was a pleasure to read!”

Miami , FL

Hi there Rosalee.......

How wonderful your new home sounds in New Mexico.  Even though I haven't kept up correspondence-wise with you, I hope you remember me.  I certainly remember you, my sessions with you at your home, and your cleansing my house of its bad energy  with great fondness.  You were an inspiration to me then, and you still are today. I got a valid contract on my home in Miami in two days after you cleared it of its negative energy and helped re-arrange the furnture.  It was a cash offer, so there were no glitches. I was able to move into the condo of my dreams in Daytona Beach and remodel it just to my liking.

My health has improved by leaps and bounds since our sessions in Miami.  I was incapable of driving my car from Miami to Daytona Beach for my move.  I had to have a friend drive me here.  My legs were too weak.  I now can drive to New York if I need to. I no longer use a cane at all to walk. I am able to dance again and am improving that ability daily.  And if I get enough rest I feel almost totally normal.  I still have some tingling in my legs and feet, but that is the extent of the MS symptoms that I experience now. As you suggested, I eat almost entirely organic  and I drink distilled water and use it for all my cooking.

I guess the reason I am writing to you is to let you know that I have improved a great deal. I am currently writing my novel about the past life experience I had that surfaced when you were working with me at your home in Miami.  It has taken a lot of research and a lot of prayer for me to tackle this endeavor, but it is now underway and the more I write, the faster my fingers go as I feel I am being channeled.  I wanted to say "Thank You" for working with me, and that your spirit has inspired me to continue in my quest for improvement and raised my spirituality to a higher level from the time that I lived in Miami.  I feel you had a great deal to do with this, Rosalee.

Your books share a place of honor in my library. I want to wish you a wonderful new life in New Mexico, and when our paths cross again some day that we can sit down for a visit. If I am ever anywhere near Silver City, I will do my best to contact you so I can meet up with you for a chat, as I consider you a very special friend.  You were just what I needed when I met you there at Borders that evening when you spoke about your books and had your book signing.  God be with you at your new location.  

Love, Light and Peace,

Daytona Beach, Florida

Dear Rosalee,

I just finished "It Has Always Been Thus" and it was amazing.  I must thank you with all my heart for the way that you articulated the words that Jesus came to share.  There were parts in the book that brought me to tears-it was just so profound.  Thank you so much for writing that book-I hope that it reaches many and I will do all can to ensure that... I really just wanted to say thank you for writing the books that you have and please let me know when your next one is out.

Emily A. Smith, PhD"
Atlanta , Georgia

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