Message of Healing & Positive Thoughts

Dear Friends,

            I am sending greetings from my new home in Silver City, New Mexico. I am looking out the window at golden desert grasses, evergreen Juniper trees, and blue-green and purple mountains. Most of the time the sky is blue, the brightest blue I’ve ever seen! It’s easy to see why I was guided so clearly to move out here.

            I’ve been here eight years now, and I am really grateful and happy to be in this land that speaks to my soul. It really is the “land of enchantment”.

            Some of you have contacted me through my forwarding numbers from Miami, but I know that most of you were not aware of my move. It all came together rather quickly, but I wanted you to know I have not forgotten about any of you. I pray that you may always feel the kind of peace I have found within, a peace that feels expanded in this beautiful land.

            I am happy here. I am at peace. I am looking forward to talking and working with each and every one of you very soon. Many of you are already personally aware of the fact that I am able to do my work - healings, readings and clearings - from a distance just as well and every bit as powerfully as if we were face to face. Some of you know this, because we have worked from a distance for many years now. For those of you who have not worked this way with me in the past, please know that I am just a phone call away.

            I also want to share with you that for those of you with U.S phone numbers; the phone calls for the sessions are on me since I have unlimited US long distance and will be happy to call you. So although I’m no longer in South Florida, it will cost you no long distance charges at all. My 800 # remains the same: 800-825-1553 or you can reach me at my local number 575-534-4727.

            I have spent most of my life in Miami, but I was clearly guided that it was time for me to move and that this is where I am meant to be.

            Also, I must admit that I have not been diligent at keeping contact information on most of my clients. This website and my logo have been redesigned and I plan on updating it regularly with more articles and interesting information.  The artist-designer Joshua Fisher, said he was inspired after I performed a long-distance healing for his son, and it shows! Please read the very touching letter he and his wife wrote, which is on the testimonials page.

            I am grateful for the many gifts that I have been given and even more grateful to be able to share them through my work. I feel truly blessed to know each and every one of you and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Love, light and many blessings from New Mexico ,


© Rosalee Sirgany

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