An Excerpt from the Book

The Dance of Inner Peace ~ A Journey Into the Spiritual Realm

By Rosalee Sirgany
©1999 Rosalee Sirgany

Author’s Preface:

I am writing this after some time, because I was not ready to do so before. The healing, my own learning and growth, needed to develop to the point where I could be public and open about my awakening and this journey described herein.

Looking back, I see that everything has happened in its own perfect timing as part of the overall plan.

There are many things I could say, but none will take the place of your opening your heart to the pages of this book, and allowing them to inspire and assist you in what is truly the greatest journey imaginable.  It is the journey of the self, opening to the true majesty of the self and the wonders of All That Is in the universe.

There is often little scientific proof available to corroborate the truth that is the knowing of the soul, but it is truth nevertheless, and perhaps, even all the more. Knowing this, you will know that you have been drawn to this book as a soul longing to see more clearly the beauty that is within, and to understand more fully your own Divine connection. I wish you joy in your journey.

Love and Light, Rosalee

Chapter 1: Questioning
Chapter 2: A Beautiful Dream
Chapter 3: Spontaneous Regressions
Chapter 4: Gems and Crystals
Chapter 5: The Book of Knowledge
Chapter 6: Ancient Healing Arts
Chapter 7: A New Guide, A New Insight
Chapter 8: A Healing Dream
Chapter 9: Exploring Life’s Purpose
Chapter 10: Visiting Spider Rock
Chapter 11: The Blessing Way
Chapter 12: White Buffalo Calf Woman
Chapter 13: Learning From Nature
Chapter 14: Dancing in the Ancient Way
Chapter 15: Talks With Jesus
Chapter 16: Mysticism & Magic in Sedona
Chapter 17: Father Francisco Algetti
Chapter 18: The Enigma of Great Mystery

Chapter 1: Questioning

And questioning the ideas she learned as a child, she went to the priest, someone who should know spiritual matters. Her concerns were blatantly ignored. The priest seemed so insecure in his own beliefs that he appeared a bit afraid of her questions. Instead of answering questions about past-life and outer body experiences, he kept clinging to his Bible and saying, "You need to come to church and be rooted in the community. That way your mind won't be taken up with weird imaginings or others' beliefs."

"This is not what others have told me," she said. "These are all things I have experienced, and having experienced them, I know them to be truth." Again an uneasy look overcame the priest as he said, "You need to come to Church.  Do you believe in God?  Do you believe in heaven?" "Yes," she said. "Then, how can you possibly believe in reincarnation? God made you a special and unique person and if you are to be recycled as another person, then you wouldn't be very unique." She tried again to make him understand. "The spirit is unique," she said, "and it lives forever. The bodies, or lifetimes, don't detract from that." 

"Come to church," he said, completely disregarding her words, "and you will not have these weird thoughts. O.K.?"

"O.K.," she said, finally giving up. "Thanks Father." Then she left, leaving him feeling secure that he had somehow saved her soul from her "own weird imaginings," and yet he had only served to alienate her ever more from the dogma of the religion in which she was raised.

I was the woman in this story and this incident was a turning point in my life. You see, the priest, with all good intentions, wanted me to forget the higher consciousness of which I am aware, that very consciousness that makes me know for certain that God is within me and that I am an intricate part of this universe  ~  one with the trees, the sky, the animals and the pure spirit in all mankind. It is this that he would have me forget in the name of religion.

I cannot forget the knowledge of past-life or past-death experiences that have occurred spontaneously for me in dreams throughout my life, and even more absurdly, why should I ever want to. That knowledge has led to greater awareness and understanding of who I am now, and that knowledge and oneness with the universe cannot be bought with silver and gold ~ but only through being open to the spirit within ourselves and the people around us.

Isn't that what Jesus taught us ~ to look for the good in people and to do good and be of good heart, mind and spirit toward those around us? Yes, I have found God and I try to be Christ-like every day in my actions.

I have heard that when people seek the truth about historic Jesus, some scholars find that he went traveling alone for several years, during which time he visited the Magi who had visited him at his birth.  During this meeting, it is said that the aura surrounding them was so bright, it hurt the eyes to look in their direction. And I am sure that during his prayers and meditations, Jesus wondered how to enlighten the world with his knowledge of being at one with the universe. He called this reality the Kingdom of Heaven , and it is a place we can all be ~ if we want to find it.

This is the story of my search for the truth, or the many truths, about the universe and our place in it.


It had been several years since that day when I had this unusual conversation with the priest and hurried home to write my thoughts about that meeting as well as my reflections on Jesus and his life and my place in the universe. Then, a short while ago, I found out that many religions, even the Catholic Church, expressed beliefs in reincarnation and past lives in their early writings. These were later removed, mostly for political reasons.

Through the years after these thoughts were written, I continued to get glimpses of other lives and times in my dreams. Then, more recently, amazing coincidences began to happen, and I knew they were not merely chance occurrences at all. I knew there was no such thing as true coincidence and even the most seemingly chance occurrences are for a reason. I realized that everything is part of a plan in some great big overall picture, of which we may only be able to see a small fragment at any given time. It seemed as though I was again at a crossroads, another important turning point in my life. 

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