Message of Healing & Positive Thoughts

"I say to you, there is much to be learned from the recent events on the planet. Know that this is a time of change. Great changes may come, and although they may appear frightening, remember that we have all chosen our part in the play that makes up life on the Earth plane.

Remember that all those who appear as villains in our play are merely acting their roles in order to help us in learning the lessons we chose to learn while on the Earth plane. This is a time of greater awareness and advancement. 

It is time to look at the other perspective in every event and to see God in all things and all people. Know that all persons are merely playing their roles in fulfilling a higher purpose and allowing each and everyone on the planet to learn the lessons they have chosen, and so enter into a higher vibration of love. The events you are co-creating are but passageways to a higher level of awareness and understanding in the oneness and harmony and love of All That Is in the universe.

I ask that all of you pray for peace and love and greater understanding among all people. Pray for healing in the heart of every man, woman and child on the planet. Keep positive loving thoughts in your hearts and in your words, and act from a place of love for all humanity. Your prayers, thoughts, words and actions do make a difference, as each one affects the whole and your vibrations of peace and love can be felt in the entire cosmos. Look to the light and be at peace."

- I am the one you call Jesus of Nazareth , and I thank you.

© Rosalee Sirgany

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